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  Manuscript Preparation : Guidelines for Authors  
The Indian Journal of Pediatrics- a monthly journal publishes original articles, brief reports on clinical and laboratory observations; case reports of substabtive value; invited editorial annotations; invited papers on recent advances, clinical diagnosis, announcements ( meetings, courses, job advertisements ); summery reports of conferences and book reviews.
be limited to 10-12 pages with 15-20 references typed in double space. should not be lengthy with not more than 20 references.
must not exceed 1000 words ( 2 printed pages of A4 size ) with one figure and 5-8 referencesshould be within one page only.
submitted to the Indian Journal of Pediatrics should not have published in any form in any other publication, and become the property of the publishers. All manuscrips must be accompanied be the following written statement signed by all the authors. "The undersigned authors ( S ) certify ( ies ) that the article is original, is not under consideration by any other journal, and has not been previously published. All copyright ownership of the manuscript entitled ( title of article ) is hereby transferred to the publishers of the Indian Journal of Pediatrics."
Articles will be edited for style and grammer. Technical jargon is to be kept to a minimum. The paper by S. Aaronson on "Style in Scientific Writing" ( Current Contents. 1977; 20 : 206-215 ) gives good hints on this subject. American spellings are used in the Journal.

All statement and opinions expressed in the manuscriots are those of the authors, and not those of the editor( S ) or punlishers. The editor( S ) and publishers disclaim any responsibility for such material.

The editor( S ) and publishers also do not guarantee, warrant or endorse any products or service advertised in the Journal, nor do they guarantee any claim made by the manufacturer fo such product of service.
Manuscripts in incorrect format will be returned to authors. Adherence to the following is essential for expeditious processing of manuscripts. The manuscript must not exceed typed in double space ( including 15-20 references ).
  Number all pages in sequence, beginning with the title page.
Submit online
( ) article of all elements arranged as follows:
This should contain the title of the manuscrips ( 5-6 words title ) the names of all authors, and their affiliations, a short title ( not more than 20 letters to be used as running head ) and at the bottom of the page, institution where the work has been carried out, and the address for all correspondence and reprints, including Fax, Phone and E-Mail.
should be factual condensation of the entire work with objective, methods, results, conclusions and should be in one para. The abstract should state the purposes of the study or investigation, basic procedures ( selection of study subjects or laboratory animal; observational and analytical methods ), main findings ( giving specific data and their statistical significance, if possible), and the principal conclusion. It should emphasize new and important aspects of the study or observations.
Articles must consider and follow the format : introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, and conclusion ( if necessary ). The matter must be written in a manner which is easy to understand, and should be restricted to the topic discussed. Do not use vertical lines or underlining in the text.
Written statement "The undersigned author( S ) certifies( fy ) that the article is original, is not under consideration by any other journal and has not been previously published.
Submissions to the should include at the end or the article (i) each author's contribution (ii) conflict of interest (iii) role of funding source.
  should be placed as the last element of the text before references.  
Abbreviate measurements ( ) according to the style of Abbreviations should be used sparingly and must be preceded by the full form initially.
In citing other work, only references consulted in the original should be included. If it is against citation by others this should also be stated.
Arrange the reference list in the sequence in which the references are first cited. In the text, reference cited should be superscripted and should appear on top of the line after the punctuation. Responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of refences lies with the author.
  References should not exceed 15-20 in number.  
References should be numbered and listed consecutively in the order in which they are first cited in the text. Tables should be identified in the text by superior Arabic numerals. The full list of refernces at the end of the paper should include: names and initials of all authors ( unless more than 6, when only the first 3 are given followed by et al ); the title of the paper; the journal title abbreviated according to the style of index medicus; year of publication; volume number; first and last page numbers. References of books should give the book title, place of publication, publisher and year; those of multiple authorship should also include the chapter title, first and last page numbers, and names and initials of editors.
1.  Mahta MN, Mehta JN. Serum lipids and ABO blood groups in cord blood of neonaes. Indian J Pediatr 1984; 51 : 30-43.
  2.  Smith GDL. Chronic Ear Disease. Edinburgh; Churchill Livingstone, 1980 :78-81  
3. Malhotra KC. Medicogenetic problems of Indian tribes. In Verma IC, ed. Medical Genetics in India Vol. 2., Pondicherry; Auroma Enterprises, 1978; 51-55.
Paper accepted but not yet published should be included in the refeences follwed by " In Press". Those in preparation, personal communications and unpublished observation should be referred to as such in the text only.
For more detailed information about the Vancouver system, authors should consult : Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to bioedical journals" ( Br Med J. 1982;284 : 1766-70 ).
  A descriptive legend must accompany each illustration and must define all abbreviations used therein  
The cost reproduction of colour photographs will be borne entirely by the author.

These must be self-explanatory. The data must be clearly organised and should supplement and not duplicate the text. Vertical lines should not be used. Explantory matter should be given as footnotes. Statistical analyses used must be appropriate. Confidence intervals along with exact probability values must be state for the results. Presentation of statistical material must be satisfactory. Each table must have a title and should be numbered with Arabic numericals ( 1,2 ).

For an article of 5 printed pages, two figures and two tables are free. For a brief report of two printed pages, one table and one figure is free. Additional pages are charged at the rates of Rs. 100/- per page and each additional figures and table at Rs. 100/- per page.
  Manuscript Submission Checklist  
  Online submission.  
  - Name and address of author responsible for correspondence.  
  - Structured Abstract ( 150-200 words ) & 3-5 key words.  
  - References cited consecutively in the text.  
  - Documentation of permission to reuse any previously published material.  
  - Covering letter, including statement of originality and signifying approval of final copy by all authors.  
  - References of latest edition of standard texts like Nelson should be quoted.  
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