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The Importance of Practical Pediatric Endocrinology Book

Pediatric Endocrinology has witnessed tremendous changes over the last decade with the increasing availability of diagnostic tools and training opportunities. Pediatric Endocrine disorders are, however, still missed or messed with devastating consequences. Limited exposure during training and a lack of learning resources have hindered the growth of the specialty. A simple, rational, and practical approach are essential to improve the care of Pediatric Endocrine disorders. Practical Pediatric Endocrinology textbooks are, however, too voluminous and focused on basic endocrinology to enthuse pediatricians and postgraduate trainees. There is thus a felt need for a practical book with a strong clinical focus. 

Practical Pediatric Endocrinology book – A helpful book for researchers, neonatologists and practicing pediatricians

This book provides practical, evidence-based resources for all the Pediatric Endocrine Disorders in a syndromic fashion. Each chapter covers physiology, algorithmic etiology, assessment, and management. The chapters are supplemented by illustrative cases, and learning points. The liberal use of figures and tables makes the understanding of Pediatric Endocrine concepts easy. The book would be of immense help for neonatologists, intensivists, pediatricians, pediatric trainees, and pediatric endocrinologists. 

Practical Pediatric Endocrinology book contains research based articles from renowned experts

We have been fortunate to have contributions from renowned experts who have shared their vast experience demystifying the complexities of Pediatric Endocrinology from an Indian perspective. This work would not have been possible without the guidance of Professor IC Verma and Professor SK Kabra, whose encouragement went a long way in making it a success. Dr. Kiran Kanwal and the entire Editorial Staff at the Indian Journal of Paediatrics have done stellar work in bringing out the book. Many thanks to the Team Regency CDER for their contributions. 

How does Pediatric Endocrinology book assist children?

The field of endocrinology assists children suffering from gland disease or disorders which include diabetes or growth problems. It also deals with issues related to having too little or too much hormones from the pancreas, adrenal glands, thyroid or pituitary gland.

Endocrinologists are specially trained to address problems that affect a person’s glands. Through clinical research they assist children suffering from lack of growth, metabolism disorders and hormonal imbalances.

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Topics and Contributors of Practical Pediatric Endocrinology Book

1.   Growth Assessment; Vaman Khadilkar and Ankita Maheshwari

2.  Growth Disorders; Riddhi Patel and Anurag Bajpai

3.  Childhood Obesity; Shaila S Bhattacharyya and Aayush Gupta

4.  Congenital Hypothyroidism; Pamali Mahasweta Nanda and Rajni Sharma

5.  Acquired Hypothyroidism; M Vijayakumar and PSN Menon

6.  Thyrotoxicosis; Rahul Jahagirdar and Nikhil Lohiya

7.  Thyroid Swelling; Jerin C Sekhar and AashimaDabas

8.  Adrenal Insufficiency in Children; Akanksha Parikh and RaghupathyPalany

9.   Adrenal Excess; VijayaSarathi and Anurag Lila

10. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia; Hemchand Krishna Prasad and Jana Priya Sugumar

11. Hypocalcemia; Preeti Singh and Anju Seth

12. Hypercalcemia; Medha Mittal and Vandana Jain

13. Rickets; Chetan Dave and Anurag Bajpai

14. Sodium Disorders; Chetan Dave and Anurag Bajpai

15. Potassium Disorders; RenuMaheshwari and Hemchand Krishna Prasad

16. Renal Tubular Acidosis; Neha Agarwal and Anurag Bajpai

17. Approach to Polyuria in a Child; Shalmi Mehta and Ruchi Shah

18. Precocious Puberty; VamanKhadilkar and SupriyaGupte

19. Delayed Puberty; Sajili Mehta and Anurag Bajpai

20. Disorders of Sexual Development; SubrataDey and SanjanaDey

21. Micropenis; Thakur Vikrant Anand and Amarnath Kulkarni

22. Undescended Testis; Proteek Sen and Anurag Bajpai

23. Gynecomastia; Proteek Sen and Anurag Bajpai

24. Hyperandrogenism; Yuthika Sharma and Riddhi Patel

25. Diabetic Ketoacidosis; Neha Agarwal and Anurag Bajpai

26. Diabetes Mellitus; Santhosh Olety and ShrutiAppaji

27. Ambulatory Care of Type 1 Diabetes; SaurabhUppal and ApoorvaGomber

28. Hypoglycemia; Chetan Dave, SenthilSenniappan and Anurag Bajpai

29. Laboratory Assessment of Endocrine Disorders; Riddhi Patel and Anurag

30. Endocrine Therapeutics; Anurag Bajpai and Sajili Mehta


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